Cloud Solutions

The cloud is a cost-effective approach to technology because as an organization, you shouldn’t have to make usage predictions, incur massive upfront costs, or over-purchase hardware/software to meet the demands of peak periods. You should simply focus on your business and its growth. In partnership with some of the leading managed service providers, Revolech offers a wide range of cloud solutions from Infrastructure as a Service to Platform as a Service.

Here are some benefits of cloud computing over traditional IT:
  • No longer need to buy, build, maintain costly computer hardware on site
  • Ability to easily scale up or down
  • Better reliability and security
  • More affordable yet effective

Private Cloud

This is YOUR cloud!.

A private cloud is basically a cloud architecture which is allotted to a single organization or business.You are the sole user of a private cloud so it can be fully customized based on your needs and you can either have full control of it or let us manage it while you grow your business.

Why choose a private cloud?
  • Your business requires stringent security controls and are highly regulated which demands for a secure and private data hosting.
  • From a compliance perspective choosing a private cloud is more ideal.
  • Organizations which are large and growing that demands substantial storage and compute resources.
  • Your business demands greater flexibility, customization and adaptability.
  • You need to know where your data is and prefer full control of it.

Still not sure if your business needs a private cloud? or have more questions? Simply give us a call at 800-GET-REVO or email us at info@revolech.com and a cloud specialist will gladly assist you and help you in making an informed decision.

Hybrid Cloud

Benefits of both public and private cloud plus more!

The hybrid cloud is a nice blend of one or more private and public cloud.​ Hybrid cloud provides organizations with flexibility to keep each aspect of their business in the most efficient cloud format as possible. But we need to be careful in managing multiple security platforms and all business aspects to ensure that all the cloud properties can communicate with each other seamlessly.

Hybrid cloud architecture is basically a bridge between your on-site data center to a cloud data center while being connected with full functionality. Hybrid cloud gives you the best of both worlds, it helps you to optimize your IT resources. Keep all sensitive data in your local premise in your private cloud while using public cloud for scaling, computing and storage needs.

With Revolech you get:
  • Configuring, managing and maintaining your on-premise network with unlimited scalability on cloud
  • Disaster recovery and data backup
  • Automatic burst capacity
  • Applications mobility
  • Shrink and grow as your business demands

We are flexible and we can easily adapt to any configuration. We can provide you with various hybrid IT combinations to fit your business needs. Our operations team are available around the clock and so we are just a call away.

Not able to decide whether private or hybrid cloud hosting is for you? Get in touch with our cloud specialist now to learn more.