Data Storage and Management

For a business, its data is everything. You could have structured or/and unstructured data but being able to securely store that data and retrieve when it gets lost is critically important. You also need to make sure your data storage options are in compliance as well as protected.

If you want to gain a competitive advantage, let us help you safeguard your data so you can better serve your clients.

Disaster Recovery
At Revolech, we understand the important of security when it comes to data storage and management. We provide cost-effective cloud storage options which is secure and provides an easy retrieval and access to your data instantaneously. We protect your data with unforeseen events and disasters so your business and clients do not get affected even when a disaster strikes.

Managed Backup Solution
With an efficient managed backup solution in place, you can uphold your peace of mind even incase of natural disaster. Even from compliance stand point, it is very important to keep data backedup for several years. Data backups can also be very helpful in retrieving any lost or corrupted files. We consider data security extremely important so during data backup process, we encrypt the data at the client side before transferring it over to our data center. This data can only be decrypted at the client side.

Our Process:

Review and AnalyzeIn order to know which data storage plan works best for your organization, our data analysis team will work with you to review and analyze your data and infrastructure.
Strategize and BuildOnce our team is familiarized with your requirements and issues, we will suggest some options that would work best for your organization
Execution PlanWe would then set proper expectations and provide clear timelines and milestones. Once we have agreed on a data storage plan, you can rest assure that your data is now in safe hands and expect increase in revenue and profit.