Network Management and Security

In today’s world, with countless number of security threats evolving and networks getting more and more complex, it is even more critical to have an excellent IT team capable of setting your network to ensure secure and excellent network performance. Accomplishing network security is trickier than ever and should never be ignored.

With Revolech you get a team of highly experienced, certified and competent IT professionals to manage and maintain your IT network and protect your network and your organization from any potential security threats.

Our all-in-one package includes following and many more:

  • Configuring, maintaining and administrating your computer network

  • Systems monitoring, management and securtiy

  • Installing antivirus, malware-removal software and keep them up-to-date

  • On-site tech support available 365 days a year

  • Regulating and managing all the intrusions in your network

  • In-line scanning and hardware support

  • Outstanding firewall practices

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